Seas the Day Diffuser Oil

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Coco La Vie Aroma Diffuser Oil is the perfect solution if you want the continuous fragrance of your favorite candle without the flame. Add a few drops to your aroma diffuser and you are set for hours.  You may wish to add more drops for a stronger aroma. Follow instructions for proper use with your aroma diffuser.

  • Seas the Day  [ocean mist and sea salt, blue waters and driftwood]
  • 1oz concentrated fragrance oil
  • all natural
  • alcohol free
  • sulfate free
  • phthalate free
  • no dyes or colorants
  • proudly made in the U.S.A.

Note: Use with your favorite  aroma diffuser in your favorite space!

WARNING: Use of this product is for fragrance purposes only. Keep out of reach children and pets. Not for internal consumption. Keep away from open flame. Do not use on unprotected furniture or surfaces. Fragrances may damage furniture, fabrics, wood surfaces, painted surfaces, or porous surfaces. If spilled, clean up immediately to avoid damage.